The Lido Lighting Process

The Life of an Order

At LIDO, we use the term “Staple Yourself to an Order.” We take our lighting process for each project very seriously.

Since we are not bound by an exclusive brand, we have the ability to offer multiple sources for each requested selection. We choose to only work with dependable manufacturers that can meet our standards. These are brands that we’ve tested in real life applications.

Lido Lighting Process

Lido Lighting Process

1. Determine Lighting Specs

  • Most of our opportunities are based on your lighting specification OR if desired, we can specify luminaire options for your review.
  • Our team attends design meetings, prepares light legends, foot-candle reports, lighting controls layouts and manages COMcheck.
  • We can also provide alternates when requested but “as specified” is always the primary mission.
lighting design | lido process
lighting design | lido process step 2

2. Review Lighting Designs

  • We review the agreed-upon lighting design drawings and develop a takeoff of material.
  • Our Technical Staff teams up with the chosen manufacturer(s) on a National Account level to purchase the project as competitive as possible.

3. Prepare Proposal

  • Proposals are developed for the material as specified.
  • If requested, we can provide an alternate package while maintaining the integrity of the chosen design, light quality, and output.
  • Specification packages are prepared for review and sign off.

4. Start Project

  • Project Management (PM) team is assigned.
  • Orders are placed, processed and confirmed with receipt.

5. Status Reports

  • The PM team tracks the progress of all placed orders.
  • Develop status reports and red alert anything past expectations.
  • Share shipping schedules with client and highlight areas of concern, if any.

6. Field New Issues

  • The Technical Team actively assists with getting any open items solved.
  • When the roll-out allows, we’ll contact the job site to “check in” the shipment. This forces the jobsite to confirm at beginning to avoid the eleventh hour request.
  • LIDO can even be at the jobsite to personally receive
    shipments when the project merits.

7. Report to Client

  • Report to client along the way with tracking and status updates.
  • Keep tabs on open items and ensure manufacturers are following the scheduled timeline.
lighting design | lido process step 8

8. Receipt of Material

  • Arrange deliveries with the job site and freight carriers reflecting any time restrictions, union, or lift gate.
  • Contact the job site to review their deliveries and acknowledge a complete shipment.
  • Request time stamped record of receipt to help remedy any known issues early.

Project Completion!

  • Ensure client understands the lighting system requirements.
  • Provide maintenance intel, cut sheets for the owner’s manual and confirm warranties.
  • Offer Service/Maintenance Contracts on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.
Project Completion Graphic

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